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Thom & Nigel, KCRW (singing Root Down, Beastie Boys).-

a small child and his father

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  • Q: Would you trade in your musical genius to be happy?
  • Thom: Both are myths, a load of old shite. A tortured soul is a tortured soul and will eventually cease to function in any useful way unless they get help. Unless they sail to the land of happy every now and again, where everything is the right way up, then they will simply fall off the edge of the world. A good way I've found to navigate is with songs and music. But there is a trade-off somewhere; at least there seems to be for the people I know.


Pj Harvey and Thom Yorke - This Mess We’re In

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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Thom Yorke during Idioteque - July 27, 2012 (x)

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Thom Yorke
“Planet Telex”
Live at the Big Chill Festival, 2010

This has always been one of my favorite Radiohead songs. I really like this solo piano arrangement as it shifts the vocal part of the chorus into full-on ballad territory while emphasizing the distinct attack on the chords in the chorus/refrain part. The particular tone on the album version is one of my favorite sounds on any record, but it’s nice to hear it so pure and raw on an upright piano.

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Because “Men” &amp; “Women” is so overdone

Coolest bathroom signs ever?
Yes, I do think so


Because “Men” & “Women” is so overdone

Coolest bathroom signs ever?

Yes, I do think so

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